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Components and features removed or disabled from Atlas

Atlas turns off many unnecessary Windows components and features for optimal performance, usability, and privacy; for some features or components, enabling them again requires manual tweaking. We have compiled a list of most of Atlas's changes on this page.

To see the exact changes made, refer to the Atlas source code.

What's permanently deleted?

These components require a Windows reinstall to get back.

  • Smart App Control
    • Once it's disabled in Windows, you can't reinstall it
    • Disabled as it sends lots of data to Microsoft
    • Requires optional diagnostic data in Windows
    • Causes unusable slowdowns if Defender is disabled

What's disabled?

These components require manual tweaking to re-enable and are not tested.

  • Telemetry
    • Atlas has the option to toggle telemetry components for troubleshooting
    • The underlying policies turning off various telemetry have no options in the Atlas folder. This includes Windows Error Reporting, CEIP, and more
  • Various syncing using a Microsoft account
  • General advertisements and Windows tips
  • Uncommonly used context menus
  • Activity history

Applications uninstalled by default

These can be reinstalled after installation, but are removed by default.

  • Internet Explorer
    Only on Windows 10, can be re-enabled as an optional feature
  • OneDrive
    If it's set up, it's not removed. This is to prevent data loss
  • Microsoft Edge
    Optional - the user has a choice to keep or remove it
    Edge can be reinstalled using the 1. Software\Remove Edge.cmd script
  • Steps Recorder
    Deprecated - can be re-enabled as an optional feature
  • Legacy Windows Media Player
    Replaced by modern player - can be re-enabled as an optional feature
  • Maths Recognizer
    Only on stock Windows 10 by default, can be enabled as an optional feature

Microsoft Store Apps

You can reinstall all of the below using the Microsoft Store.

Store Apps (Column 1) Store Apps (Column 2) Store Apps (Column 3)
Microsoft Teams Clipchamp Disney+
Cortana (deprecated) Xbox Console Companion (deprecated) Mail and Calendar
Tips (deprecated) Films & TV Microsoft Family Safety
Dev Home Microsoft Weather Microsoft News
Get Help 3D Viewer Microsoft Office Hub
Microsoft Sticky Notes Microsoft OneNote People
Skype Microsoft To Do Windows Alarms & Clock
Feedback Hub Windows Maps Voice Recorder
Phone Link Snipping Tool (optional) Snip & Sketch (optional)

Having a problem?

If something isn't working, search the documentation for a script or configuration file to fix the particular feature or service. Atlas allows you to toggle many options inside the Atlas configuration folder.