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Features removed from Atlas

Please do keep in mind that Atlas is made for performance and privacy, so many features and services that are not needed have been disabled for these reasons, without any easy way for enabling them. When services or features are taken away, they can cause problems with the apps you use or even with hardware, although generally unlikely. Keep this in mind before installing Atlas.

Atlas gets rid of the following services and features:

  • Telemetry (components can be toggled for troubleshooting purposes)
  • Smart App Control
  • Settings Sync

Applications or features uninstalled by default

These can be reinstalled after installation, but are removed by default.

  • Many default included Microsoft Store applications
  • Microsoft Update Health Tools
  • Internet Explorer
  • PC Health Check
  • OneDrive


If something isn't working, try enabling services or features inside the Atlas folder on your Desktop, and follow our Configuration guide for more info.

Atlas gives you the option to enable/disable lots of other options too, which you can also find in the folder above.