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How to fix Adobe Acrobat failing to install?

If Adobe Acrobat fails to install with error codes such as 1603, you have most likely changed your Atlas settings using the included folder.

To get Adobe Acrobat to install successfully, you will need to make sure you have enabled Printing. Without the printing service enabled, Adobe Acrobat will continuously fail to install.

Why is Printing required to install Adobe Acrobat?

During the installation of Adobe Acrobat, the installer will attempt to configure a virtual "Adobe PDF" printer. As this is a virtual printer, it requires the printing service to be enabled for successful installation of printer drivers.

However, after installing Adobe Acrobat, you may choose to disable Printing if you do not intend to use the included printer driver or any other form of printing.


Disabling Printing after the installation of Adobe Acrobat is not officially tested or endorsed by Atlas. Therefore, we cannot guarantee stability if you disable Printing after completing the Adobe Acrobat installation.